Bermuda Vacation Guide

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Try A Bermuda Cruise For An Interesting Vacation
bermuda cruise
A Bermuda Cruise is a popular vacation choice for many people and what better way to get a look at this unique island with its pastel cottages, turquoise waters and pink sand beaches. Located about 600 miles off the coast of North Carolina, Bermuda is a popular vacation destination and boasts fabulous weather and tropical scenery in its 21 square miles.

While cruises to Bermuda are most popular in the summer months, the season runs from April to the beginning of November and you can find cruises on many of the popular cruise lines. While Bermuda is barely a mile wide, it still has somehow managed to offer three ports for cruise ships to sail into.

A Bermuda cruise is usually a little different than a regular cruise. This is because the ship docks at Bermuda for a lot longer than on one of your typical cruises where you're hitting many islands and staying for only hours at each port of call. Bermuda can be very expensive and taking a cruise and using the cruise ship as your "hotel" can be a great way to experience the island and also some of the amenities offered on the cruise line.

However, the interesting thing is that when you are docked in Bermuda the entertainment on the cruise ship will be minimal. This is because Bermuda has strict laws regarding casino operation, presentation of shows and music on deck. In fact, these environmental laws, some of which date back to the 1700s, is what gives Bermuda its unique appeal since it helps to keep the charm of the island life. But, you'll be having so much fun and enjoying Bermuda itself that you hardly notice the lack of activity on the ship.

While at sea, Bermuda cruise ships offer the same cruise lifestyle that you get on any other type of cruise. You can book cruises that stop for three or four nights in one spot and sail off to another Bermuda destination and you can even book cruises that include Bermuda is one of the stops and then sail off to other ports. The type of cruise you choose really depends on the amount of time you want to spend in Bermuda itself as opposed to on the ship and what you want to do on your vacation.