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The History And Beauty Of Hamilton Bermuda
hamilton bermuda
Hamilton Bermuda is the capital of the beautiful island of Bermuda and is named after Sir Henry Hamilton who was its governor from 1778 to 1794. It is the only incorporated city in Bermuda and is the headquarters of Bacardi and Tyco.

Now a popular vacation destination, Hamilton was "born" in 1790 when 145 acres were set aside by the Bermuda government for its future seat. It was officially incorporated in 1793. This beautiful city overlooks Hamilton Harbour and is primarily a business district containing office buildings and shops.

If you're vacationing here you can find plenty of things to do in Hamilton Bermuda. Spelunkers will delight in visiting the Crystal caves which will take you 120 feet underground. If you want to frolic with the Dolphins you might visit the Maritime Museum located in the Royal Naval dockyard.

The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute is also located in Hamilton and here you can find a variety of oceanographic information along with exhibits that will reveal the history of underwater exploration.

If you like art, you might want to visit the Bermuda Society of Arts which is actually located in City Hall and is dedicated to local crafted artwork. Pieces from Bermudian masters are showcased here and represent a cross-section of classical and contemporary styles which reflect the distinct Bermudian culture.

Shopping is another thing that you wanted experience in Hamilton and here you can find many fashionable and exclusive shops. Like in all of Bermuda, shopping is very popular because there are no taxes and also because this is a popular port of call for many cruise ships, thus there is a market for fine quality and interesting goods. Be sure to take a trip to Bermuda's biggest and oldest department store, Trimminghams, which is located on Front Street as it has been since 1842.

A couple of other things you might want to check out in Hamilton are the Cathedral and Fort Hamilton which is on the outskirts of the city. The Fort was ordered built by the Duke of Wellington and the 18 ton canons are still there although they never did see any action.

Hamilton Bermuda is a great place to visit if you're going to be on the island. Enjoy the history of Bermuda with the laid-back style of this tropical paradise.