Bermuda Vacation Guide

Guide To Beaches, Hotels, Cruises and More!

Bermuda Travel Offers Something For Everyone
bermuda travel
Bermuda travel is for those who want a peaceful and relaxing vacation. This subtropical island located 600 miles off the North Carolina coast is often associated with the Caribbean, however it is not part of the Caribbean islands. Be that as it may, it still has picturesque tropical scenery and miles of gorgeous pink sand and turquoise water beaches to sun yourself on.

You'll find yourself really relaxing if you travel to Bermuda because the island doesn't have a lot of flashy neon signs and is very quaint with its pastel cottages and interesting culture. You may find this island quieter than many and, in fact, there aren't a lot of cars because only one car is allowed per household. One of the fun things about Bermuda is that a favorite mode of transportation is the scooter much to the delight of tourists and islanders alike.

Bermuda travel is great year-round, although, the winter months of December and January might be a bit too cold for swimming it is still in the 60s and 70s which is a great respite from 0 temperatures up north. However, if you come in the summer this will be the perfect time of year because the temperatures rarely get over 85 and most days are sunny and beautiful. Since getting to Bermuda is pretty easy - only a short three hour or less flight from the East Coast - it is a favorite vacation spot for not only week long but also weekend getaways.

While it's no secret that Bermuda offers great beach going, one thing you may not realize is that there are interesting sites to visit on this small 21 square mile. This island was actually a strategic asset during war time and you can still find old stone forts that were built by the British in order to defend themselves against the other European powers.

One thing that Bermuda is famous for is its diving. The waters off the island are exceedingly clear and there is a huge variety of tropical fish and sea creatures that will delight any diver or snorkeler. With its pristine reefs and over 400 shipwrecks, Bermuda travelers will certainly want to try their hand at diving.

In addition to the beautiful water activities and historical aspects, Bermuda travel offers great shopping and fine dining as well as a wonderful Botanical Garden, a Maritime Museum where you can swim with dolphins, a 120 foot underground tour in the Crystal Caves, and a Zoo and Natural History Museum.