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Bermuda Beaches You Might Want To Visit
bermuda beaches
Bermuda Beaches are famous for their beautiful pink sands and turquoise waters and, in fact, this island boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Bermuda has many large and small beaches and some wonderful ones are open to the public while others are private - properties of resorts and open to their guests only.

The beach sand is actually finely pulverized pieces of calcium carbonate shells mixed in with the skeletons of invertebrates like clams and corals. This sand is extremely fine and a pleasure to lay down on!

Because of the scenic beauty, one favorite pastime on the beaches in Bermuda is to get married. Oftentimes you'll see marriages being officiated over by ministers in Bermuda shorts and knee-high socks. Most of the beaches are on the south side of the island but there are some on the north. If you are swimming on the south side, however, you want to watch out for the rip tides and beware that the larger the surf is the tighter the pull on the rip will be.

Tobacco Bay, Shelley Bay and Deep Bay are some of the fine North Shore beaches that you might want to visit. On the South Shore some of the beaches have deep natural pools that you can wade out to. While it is a common belief that Bermuda has great surfing, it actually doesn't and the waves only get big on the South Shore when there is a heavy wind blowing from the south.

Here's an overview of some popular Bermuda Beaches:

Chaplin Bay - Warwick Parish

If you want to visit this beach you'll have to go at low tide because it is almost always submerged when the tide is high. They were two large rock formations where you can try out some rock climbing.

Church Bay - Southampton Parish

This is a great beach if you want to do some snorkeling along with your sunbathing as there is a good variety of marine life.

Elbow Beach - Paget Parish

This is Bermuda is most popular beach and is a mile long a beautiful pink sand. Protected by a line of coral reef, the speech has the calmest waters in Bermuda.

Horseshoe Bay - Southamptom Parish

A great family beach, this is one of the Bermuda Beaches with lots of amenities, including gear rental and concessions, and one of the few that has a lifeguard on duty.

Shelly Bay - Pembroke Parish

Aptly named, here you will find tiny shells all over the beach. Needless to say, this beach draws lots of families with children and here you can amuse them further at any of the toy rental concession. You can also rental locker as well as beach gear and snorkels. There's a concession with drinks and food so that you love plenty to eat while you exploited tidal pools and swim in the turquoise waters.

Somerset Long Bay - Sandys Parish

If you want seclusion, then this beach is for you. This beach off her shallow waters and gets the sun's rays in the afternoon.

Warwick Long Bay - Warwick Parish

This is the island's longest speech and features a quarry for some hundred yards from shore. If you're tired of laying on the beach, enjoy a walk through the paths on the sandy dunes that go through a string of colds all the way back to Horseshoe Beach.

These are just a few of the Bermuda Beaches you might want to visit on your trip to Bermuda. There are many more, but each are equally as beautiful and relaxing of the next set don't be disappointed if you can't get to them all on this trip!