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A Peek At The Bermuda Weather
bermuda weather
Bermuda is a popular vacation destination and one thing that attracts visitors here is the famous Bermuda weather. The Gulf Stream keeps the air temperate and the overall climate can be described as subtropical. Even the rain is typically short lived and unlike the Caribbean Bermuda has no rainy season although you may find some months having more rainy days than others.

Because of its location and climate, the peak season in Bermuda is not the same time as the Caribbean. To visit the Caribbean, you probably want to schedule a trip between December and March. This time is actually the off-season in Bermuda where the summer months are the best time to visit with temperatures never raising above 85.

The Bermuda weather in winter can be a little on the cool side, but still quite nice if you are coming from someplace that is snowing and below zero! Since Bermuda is only located about 60 miles off the coast of North Carolina, the winters can be a little bit cool. At this time the weather will be more like spring in the Northeast. It might be a little too cold for enjoying the great beaches and swimming by it can still be perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving tennis and golf. The days are quite nice and evenings require a light jacket. Overall pretty nice weather and seeing as it is the off-season you can get quite a bargain by vacationing here at this time.

While you might think that hurricane season, which is between June and November, would be a concern for Bermuda it really isn't because the storms actually hit the US coast more frequently than Bermuda. Plus advances in meteorology technology allows us to predict storms in their paths with amazing accuracy today. This allows warnings to be issued in advance which gives tourists plenty of time to fly out of the island in the rare event that it is threatened by hurricane.

All in all, Bermuda weather is quite pleasant no matter what time of year you visit. In January, you might find the average temperature to be around 65 Fahrenheit. May will see temps on average of 70F. August has an average temperature of about 82F and in November you'll enjoy a nice average of 70. The rainiest month is usually October but even then the average monthly precipitation is still under 7 inches.